AA Defensive Driving Course

The next AA Defensive Driving course starts:  JULY 2020. 

Professionally instructed defensive driving course in Dunedin

This defensive driving course will get you the reduction for your licence.
Experience growth as a driver, no matter your level of experience, learner,restricted or full licence holder, with the help of our dedicated professional instructors, will ensure you have a positive experience. Feel free to speak with Warren to find out more today.

Give yourself an edge

Give yourself an edge with the help of our instructors in Dunedin. By taking the New Zealand defensive driving course you can move on from a restricted licence to a full licence six months sooner than usual, three months if you are aged 25 years and over.

Comprehensive course

This comprehensive, nine-hour long defensive driving course takes place in Dunedin and will add a range of safe driving strategies to your skill set. It will teach you to recognise the hazards, circumstances and influences that commonly lead to accidents. An intensive, interactive course, it includes classroom theory modules and an in-car practical session. It is expertly designed for anyone who desires safer driving skills that you will carry throughout your life.

Experience in all scenarios

Times and dates for the practical session will be made during the defensive driving course. The practical session will take place in your own vehicle in Dunedin so that all scenarios of the licence test can be met.